Office of the President Mahasarakham University The main mission is to be the center. in service and administration of government books It is the organization for organizing meetings at the university’s policy level, coordinating and facilitating participation in state ceremonies, royal ceremonies, traditions and cultural events. Provides central vehicle service to the university Facilitate administrators and various departments to facilitate and support the operations of the University in Bangkok, being the center for coordinating and supporting the operations of the Faculty Council. Office of the President and general affairs of the university with the following work sections:

Correspondence and formalities group

Correspondence and Ceremony Group, Central Division, Mahasarakham University It is the unit responsible for the university’s document work in terms of receiving, sending, preparing, responding to documents, accepting deposits, sending internal/external books. Issuing number of external books/internal books/orders signed by the rector or delegated Assigning the agency code number Deposit of books by post Checking the books of the agencies that are sent by the postal service Recording opinions in external books/internal books to executives (in the part proposed through the work Correspondence) Document copying services, archiving, search and destruction of documents. Receiving – sorting – sending ordinary mail Registered mail EMS parcel of the university. Under the supervision of the Vice-Chancellor for Human Resource Development The work is divided into 7 sections as follows:

1.1 Receiving-responding-following outside books

1.2 The work of issuing book numbers/assigning agency code numbers

1.3 Internal/External book delivery

1.4 Archive, search and destruction of documents

1.5 Postal work

1.6 Document Copy Service

1.7 Information system work

Ceremonies and special events

It is the center for coordinating government ceremonies, royal ceremonies, community relations work. Conducting events to promote local cultural traditions Requesting for donations from external/internal agencies, ceremonies, ceremonies on various important occasions, and funeral welfare work for university personnel To support the mission of the university to operate effectively Under the supervision of the Vice-Chancellor for Human Resource Development The work segments are divided according to the missions of the units as follows:

2.1 Government ceremonies / royal ceremonies / ceremonies

2.2 The promotion of traditions Local culture/ceremonies

2.3 Promotion of religious activities and ordinances

2.4 Funeral / Ritual Welfare Support

2.5 Activities to promote community relations/special activities

Coordination of Mahasarakham University Affairs in Bangkok

Acting as a representative of the university in case of assignments to coordinate between internal and external departments of the university, both public and private in Bangkok. Under the supervision of the Vice-Chancellor for Human Resource Development

meeting group

It is a meeting center of the University Council. and the University Board of Directors under Supervision of the Rector and Vice President for Administration and Development The work is divided into 6 sections as follows:

4.1 University Council Meeting

4.2 University Administrative Committee Meeting

4.3 The meeting of university rules and regulations

4.4 Information database system work/DOC/Risk Management/Quality Assurance

4.5 General administrative tasks such as administrative work, finance work, supplies, personnel work, and supervision of meeting room use.

4.6 Secretarial work to the President of the University Council

automotive work

It is an agency that provides centralized vehicle services both inside and outside the university. and maintain the car in a ready-to-use condition Under the supervision of the Vice President for Infrastructure Development, Research and Innovation

5.1 Central car service work for the university

5.2 Central University Vehicle Maintenance Work

5.3 Fuel service work

secretarial work

Acting as a coordinating secretary Facilitate executives with various departments both inside and outside the university. Under the supervision of the Vice-Chancellor for Human Resource Development as follows:

6.1 Receiving and presenting letters to executives

6.2 Appointments, meetings and recording of government action plans

6.3 Development of a database system for government officials

6.4 Liaison with individuals and agencies

general administration

Serves as a central service, storage, and data collection to carry out the central mission of the team. Policy and Planning Management Finance and budgeting, supplies, administration and personnel, quality assurance Reporting on performance according to the Government Operations Certification (OPDC) Risk Management Operations and coordination of the Mahasarakham University Affairs Promotion Committee and coordinating the implementation of the graduation ceremony Under the supervision of the Vice-Chancellor for Human Resource Development