Center, Office of the President Mahasarakham University Established according to the announcement of the bureau University on the division of government within Mahasarakham University B.E. 2538 dated July 13, 1995, which the Minister of Ministry of University Affairs Has issued the announcement by virtue of Section 4 and Section 7, paragraph two of the Maha Sarakham University Act B.E. 2537 designated as a government agency under the Office of the President. Mahasarakham University and published in the Government Gazette, Volume 112, Special Section 30 Ngor, dated 19 July 1995, Mahasarakham University. has defined the management structure for the central group to have 2 work groups, namely the Information Management Group. and the Premises and Public Utilities Group Subsequently, the Premises and Public Utilities Group has been divided into the current Premises Division. There has been a new internal organization structure. According to the Mahasarakham University announcement on the division of departments within Maha Sarakham University, 2010, dated February 12, 2010, and the central It is a government agency under the Office of the President. There are 2 working groups, which are the Correspondence and Formalities Group (formerly the Information Management Group) and the Conferences Group. and divided the internal organizational structure according to 9 main tasks, namely document work, collection and retrieval of official documents. Ceremonies and special events Coordination of Mahasarakham University affairs in Bangkok, meetings, automotive work, secretarial work general administration and faculty council work as follows:

1. Correspondence and formalities group

1.1 Correspondence work
1.2 Storage and retrieval of official documents

meeting group Divided into 2 departments within the following tasks:

2.1 Meeting work, including the University Council meeting University Executive Committee Meeting Vice-Chancellor’s Meeting

2.2 Coordination of university council affairs

The Central Division has divided the internal works according to the main tasks of 6 other tasks as follows:

Automotive unit
Secretarial unit
Faculty council unit
General administration
Ceremonies and special events
University Affairs Coordination

Central Operations Office of the President There is a central organizational structure. Office of the President Central management structure Office of the President, Central Operations Structure